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How it works

How it Works

Online Doctor Visit is the most comfortable way to maintain your health

   How it Works?

  1. Sign up to Dr. Stotland’s Practice on the health platform
  2. Wait for acceptance to Dr. Stotland’s Practice
    (usually within a few hours of request) You will get a notification when accepted.
  3. Message Dr. Stotland or submit a prescription or lab request on Push Health
  4. Wait for acceptance
    (you will receive an email notification )
  5. Message Dr. Stotland or submit a medication or lab request on the platform. Select your pharmacy during this process
  6. Receive your medications and labs at your preference.
  7. Stay Healthy!


   Treatments Not Covered

  • Controlled Substances
    (ADHD, pain medications, benzodiazepines)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Birth Control/Emergency Contraception
  • Obstetrics

Frequently Asked Questions From Patients

If I click to book a request and then what happens?

You need to sign up via the health platform as a patient, to be accepted to the practice. Then you can submit messages and prescription and lab requests and request appointments.

Do you accept health insurance for Medical Care?

No, we currently are only cash payments at this time. You still can use your insurance for medication coverage at your preferred pharmacy and for lab requests.

Do you treat COVID and provide medications and counsel for active treatment and prophylaxis?

Absolutely! We follow evidence-based practices and encourage safe proven medications.

What does a doctor’s visit cost?

Medications and lab requests are $95 Total $106 including the technology emr fees

How do I pay?

The health platform generates all payments and receipts when you input your preferred payment method. Nothing is charged to you without your approval and notice beforehand. Any payment issues are duplicates are handled directly by the health platform.

Can I speak with the doctor?

Of course! Just message us via the health platform and set up a time if needed.

Does it cost money to sign up?

No! Nothing is charged until a visit or request is completed.

Is there a limit to how many messages or requests I can send?

No! Please use us for all your needs; you may benefit from one of our membership packages if you have multiple requests.

Do my requests or does account expire?

No, but we ask you to remain active on our platform to best assist and preempt any issue.
Medication requests may expire with the pharmacy at the pharmacy’s discretion.

I need multiple visits for me and my family, what do I do?

Each individual needs a separate account that can be set up via the health platform to send medications, labs and visits. Please set up a separate account for each individual needing assistance including children.

My child needs a visit, how does this work?

Set up a separate profile for your child under the health platform with our Book a Visit Link. You can link your child to your profile on the platform.

My pharmacy did not receive my medications.

Just message us via the health platform, and we can resend the medication for you or resolve the issue with the pharmacy by phone.

My pharmacy is requesting prior authorization can you assist with this?

Yes, we can do prior authorizations for additional fees without a guarantee of acceptance. Send us a message on the health platform for further assistance and details.

My pharmacy isn’t listed or I need a mail-order pharmacy.

You can select mail-order pharmacies or ask us for a recommendation. We are aware of several pharmacies that ship to your door in any state.

Please contact us or sign up on the health platform and message us there for all your concerns. We will do our best to resolve every single one.

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