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Pink Eye Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment

Pink eye treatment, also known as conjunctivitis treatment, is a common eye infection that can cause redness, itching, and discharge. One of the most common questions asked by those suffering is how long the infection will last.

The duration can vary depending on the cause of the infection. It typically lasts for one to two weeks and spread through close contact with an infected person. Bacterial pink eye last for up to two weeks and treat with antibiotics. Allergic can last for as long as the allergen is present.

To prevent the spread of, it is important to practice good hygiene such as washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your eyes, and avoiding close contact with others. If you are experiencing symptoms , it is important to see a healthcare professional to determine the cause of the infection and the best course of treatment.

At Stotland Medical, we offer virtual appointments with board-certified physicians who can diagnose and treat. During your virtual appointment, your physician will work with you to determine the cause of your infection and provide a personalized treatment plan to help you recover quickly.

In addition to virtual appointments, Stotland Medical also offers online prescription services. If your physician determines that you need medication to treat, they can send a prescription to your local pharmacy for pick-up. Contact us today to schedule your virtual appointment and get the care you need for your infection.

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